The Cataclysm is upon us…

The empire is in shambles, the mages of the land have been devastated (entire mages guilds have been exploding and other similar fun things!), a beastly horde approaches the last defense before the weak underbelly of the empire is exposed, and to top it all off a plague runs rampant through the streets of all the major cities wiping out humans in mass, luckily the disease seems to be only affecting the humans so far.

Yeah things seem bad right now, but for a few tested adventurers it can’t be so bad, right? There are plenty of opportunities to be had to set the world right, to make a name for yourself, or to grab yourself a piece of the pie before the dust settles.

This is another hard core campaign, death is permanent, unconscious=injuries, but you dont have to make a map, this world will be evolving as you explore and go down different paths NPC’s will be lost to wars, plagues, and the like, their quests may die with them, your decisions will have lasting consequences so act appropriately, the world will not forget, and individuals can hold a grudge for a long time.

Custom rules: Mages will be treated with prejudice, humans can be played but um…in case you weren’t listening there is a plague afoot, magic items may behave strangely so beware. Backstory is required, if you want to make up a place just let me know and I’ll plop it on the map.


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