Kai Nuk Sin

A Goliath trained in the arts of a Warden.


Level: 3 HP: 47 Init: 6 AC: 20 Fort: 16 Ref: 13 Will: 13 Battle Axe: Attack: +7 Damage: 1d10+4


Kai Nuk Sin was born into a tribe of Goliaths that lived deep in the mountains to the northwest of The Bastion. By the time he became an adult he was a respected leader in the tribe and a talented Warrior and Hunter. He was know for his brute strength and his willingness to put himself in harm’s way and defend his allies’ in battle. Even though they lived in the mountains they still met with traveler’s and went into towns occasionally to learn news of the rest of the Continent. When Kai Nuk Sin heard of the strange occurrences happening in the Continent, he proposed to the rest of the tribe council that they must report the front lines of the war and aid the army to repel the attacks. The rest of the council refused to take action, claiming that outside affairs were of no concern to the tribe. This angered Kai Nuk Sin and left the tribe and wandered towards the east, trying to help save the world that he was a part of, whether the tribe accepted it, or not.

Kai Nuk Sin

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