A wilden striving for mastery in his new world


Level:3 Artificer Init:+1 AC:17 Fort:15 Ref:15 Will:13 Str:10 Con:16 Dex:10 Int:18 Wis:12 Cha:8


The cataclysm sent shockwaves through the natural world, especially the forest resting at the foot of the foot of the western mountains. This disruption led to the rise of several wilden. Resnemi was one of these who rose from the destruction of the encompassing being of nature. He left the relative safety of the forest to search for answers to the questions haunting his race, including what has the power to so drastically disrupt the flow of nature? He believes he has found the key to this question in the powers of the Artificer. Being a part of the natural world, he began to see the pattens of power that lie in every person, object, or force. Now he journeys into civilization to learn more of the other races that inhabit the same world as himself.


Cataclysm Fr3nchtoast