str=11 con=12 dex=19 int=10 wis=8 cha=17 HP=30+7 surges/day


Acrobatics=10 Bluff=9 Endurance=7 Intimidate=6 Stealth=12 Thievery=10

Proficiencies= cloth/leather armor, light shield, One-handed simple melee, military heavy blades, military light blades, simple ranged, Bastard Sword(feat)

Implement=ki focus for the rules on assassins


Abandoned at birth, Trumpkin was taken in by a faction of the Night Stalkers, a group of assassins situated in the outskirts of Ibin. Here, Trumpkin learned secrets of the Shadowfell, and the art of the kill. Through years of work and dedication his fame spread throughout the underworld as an unparalleled master of subterfuge, as well as one who will do the job, no matter the risks. However, his infamy also attracted the attention of those who were not fans of his handiwork, mostly others in Dayrim who lived in fear of being on his “to do list,” and would sleep easier once he entered his own permanent sleep. As he lay sleeping, he and his group were set upon by a large force, and the forest around them shot up in flames. Those who were not killed by arrows were burned alive while attempting to escape. All of those, except Trumpkin, who was taken captive. Luckily for him though, his captors were set upon by roving brigands in search of profit amongst the turmoil of the plague. Using the shadow arts, Trumpkin managed to escape amongst the ensuing confusion, and set off in search of answers.

I may re-work this in a bit, as I did not include much relevance to the “cataclysm”. I did this in a hurry. Its fine you really dont need to work it in.


Cataclysm andrewszatkowski