Major port city, very wealthy, has survived surprisingly well, seeing as how most of the population was human and there were quite a few mages within the city walls. This is the gateway to the continent, most who journey here come through Dayrim. The twin city to Ibin. Home of major moguls, traders, people of political importance.

A great walled cities with 5 concentric cirlces of protection, the first circle opens only at the port and the main gate the entrances to each next circle is even more heavily guarded than the last. Mercenaries roam the streets hired by the more powerful merchants to keep the peace. A large portion of the 4th circle has been destroyed, this was the location of the Dayrim Mages guild and university, few buildings remain in this region and the crater is still smoldering months later.

The Bolt Lodge- Proprietor Aery

Fire and Ash Smithe- Kavaki:Goliath smith

Merchants Bureau- Blitz


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