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Upcoming Game Sessions

Possibly Thursday

Locales: all information provided is common knowledge and could be heard in any Tavern

Player Characters

Kai Nuk Sin Eric’s Goliath Warden

Guillo Ben’s Warforged Warlock

Resnemi Wilson’s Wilden Artificer

Trumpkin Andrew’s Drow Assassin

Outstanding Quests

Mage Conspiracy

More Merchants Guild Contracts

Decisions and Consequences of Your actions

Party; Especially Guillo did not make friends with a demon; Consequences Unknown

Kai befriended a bear;Party pack animal, Kai feed leper refugees; Unknown

Party killed strange mage; Unknown

Party foiled assasination attempt; Gained General Brunos’ trust, trust of Blitz as well.


Guillo; Mercy Killer 10xp; Was merciful to neary dead goblins

Kai; Grizzly Adams 20xp; Befriended a tame FUCKING GRIZZLY BEAR


Dude,they cant hit me, Im a particle: Trumpkin

Kai’s best friends are a retard and a bear, by all means lets not kill the bear! Guillo

Fuck you Im Buzz Lightyear: Trumpkin

Main Page

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